Android 9.0 Pie: Features, release dates and what all devices will get updated

As we all know, Google has started rolling out the latest version of Android operating system i.e. Android 9.0 Pie from August 2018. So lets know more about the features of Android 9.0 Pie.

Android 9.0 Pie consists of several new features such as gesture navigation, smart text selection, redesigned quick settings, simplified volume controls and adaptive battery mode. Android 9.0 Pie changes the way the user interacts with their smartphones as well as the way the smartphones interact with them.

Android 9.0 Pie
Android 9.0 Pie

Android 9.0 Pie comes with the tagline adjust less, scroll less, charge less, tap less and get more. Tagline itself defines the what new features to expect.

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Apps you should uninstall/delete from your Android device

Smartphones are a category of phones which are capable of performing multiple tasks other than calling only. One can use smartphones for accessing internet, taking HD quality videos or pictures, sharing data, using social media apps, keep a check on health condition and much more.

To use all such functionalities many apps are available on Google Play store and Apple store. Many of these apps have become part of our day to day life. But do you know that it is smart to remove/uninstall some of such apps from your Android device right now. Lets know the reasons we should delete/uninstall such apps in android devices

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Dark Web – Is it legal? How to access it?

Internet today is like an ocean of data. It is much bigger,  more deeper and darker than you realize.  People are generally aware of few popular and respectable sites in public domain such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Reddit, Wikipedia, WhatsApp, Baidu etc. But this is a very small portion of the internet which is like the tip of a huge iceberg.

There is a huge world of deep dark websites which can be accessed by using TOR. You might have many questions running in your head right now. whats Tor? and what are these deep dark websites? Is it legal to access dark web? How to access Dark web?

Lets find answer to those questions:

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Best Android Apps of 2018

Hey friends

We are nearing the end of 2018. It was a great year for technology geeks like us. Mobile tech saw a huge boom during 2018. Many new startups and ideas emerged successfully helping people in there day to day life.

Android is the most used mobile OS today. One of the reason behind its success is a number of free and paid apps available in Google play store and other third party websites. Lets have a look on some of the best Android apps you can download from Google Play Store app.

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All you want to know about Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is basically a cloud computing model where all data and file are stored at remote servers. This data can be accessed from any location with the help of internet. Those remote servers are maintained, operated and managed by cloud service providers and they charge you specified fees for their services. To store data and to provide access remotely to customers, these cloud service providers use virtualization.

Cloud Storage solutions
All you want to know about Cloud Storage

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SSD vs HDD: What’s best for your laptop?

Hi friends, today let us discuss about the best storage device option for your laptop or personal computer. If you are using a laptop for your day to day work such as video editing, video recording, video rendering, browsing, heavy downloading/uploading of data than it becomes a must for you to have an very high performance device, which reduces your effort and time.

An awid you-tuber or blogger have to perform multiple tasks simultaneously to achieve great results. To do so having a high performing PC or laptop is a must. Sometimes your device is running on lower processor and less RAM. In such cases, you can still enjoy great performance by using SSD storage. But it has some backdrops too comparing to normal HDD. So the big question here is to go with HDD or SSD.

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Google LLC. CEO Sundar Pichai – Life Journey

Hey friends,

Welcome again. Today i am going to tell you about life journey of a man who himself is an institute of knowledge and discipline, that is Sundar Pichai – The Google CEO.

Born to a simple family in Tamil Nadu in India, he dreams of becoming a Cricketer at first. But life took a dramatic turn and slowly Sundar Pichai developed interest in coding and starts playing a complicated game of coding software. One fine day he becomes the CEO of a Tech Giant.. GOOGLE. Yes, we know how big that feat is and how difficult is to even get a small executive job at Google.

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